Thursday, September 16, 2010

Louie Mueller BBQ (Taylor, Tx)

Part 5 of 5

This is the 5th (and final) installment of my 5 part "Texas BBQ Road Trip 2010". Texas Monthly Magazine listed the top 50 BBQ Joints in Texas and I had the honor/dishonor of attending 5 of the 50 establishments during Memorial Weekend.

Taylor, Tx is boring. It is your normal small town with nothing to do outside of raising cattle and picking cotton. If you want to drive a little down south you can go watch some minor league baseball in Round Rock. If your up for a longer drive you can take back your sanity (or lose it even more) in Austin, Tx. Luckily for the residents of Taylor, Tx there is Louie Mueller BBQ to help them cope from dying of boredom. Louie Mueller's isn't just some great BBQ joint that wins awards (like the James Beard Award) and serves an incredible brisket. Louis Mueller's is the best BBQ I have ever put in my mouth.

After watching this video on the Texas Monthly Website, I will relay the secrets of their bbq.

+Rub is exclusively pepper and salt (w/ a 90/10 ratio of pepper to salt).
+Uses a smaller cut of Brisket (6-7 lbs).
+Never turns the brisket 90 or 180 degrees).
+Smokes it using only post oak.

The flavor is so simple yet very peppery (due to the rub being 90% pepper). If I could make a brisket like this I would have no problem going on the Atkins diet.

There is not much for me to say but "perfection". If you are in the Austin area, it is worth the 30 minute drive to Taylor, Tx to try Louie Mueller BBQ. Despite this praise and this awesome score I'm about lay down, I do have criticism. The ribs are tough and they don't serve sweet tea.

Louis Mueller BBQ will be receiving a (record) score of 6 out of 5 stars.

p.s. Here is a short video of Louie Mueller BBQ from Food-Network's "Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives"

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sandy said...

Made my 1st visit to Mueller's couple days ago and was blown away by out-of-this-world sliced brisket. No wonder this place is consistently mentioned in the Top 5BBQ joints in Texas. I judge a BBQ place by its brisket and I judge Mueller's brisket as the best I have ever had!

The second thing I always go for is sausage, and Mueller's Original recipe is very good. Maybe not as good as Meyer's (Elgin), Smitty's (Lockhart) or Luling's City Market, but still very good.

I seldom use sauce and it's just as well because I did not care for Mueller's.

Mueller's is maybe the best looking, most iconic BBQ house I have ever seen. With its wood floors, tall ceilings, smoky brick walls and screen door, this defines what a Texas BBQ joint ought to look like. And the brisket is what all brisket should taste like.

anu said...

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