Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hogs for the Cause

Hogs for the Cause is local New Orleans Fundraiser disguised as a BBQ cookoff. With a stage that has an array of New Orleans musicians performing in the back, the BBQ had a hard time (but not too hard a time) keeping my attention.

Proceeds go to helping children with pediatric brain cancer.
Great Ribs from the following teams "Praise The Lard" and "HWA: Hog with Attitude."

Other teams (that will remain nameless...including "I'm Big on Pig") need to hit the shed on their BBQ..., that's all.
The Snowball line was a mile long.
A lot of awkward people including women wearing high heels to an outdoor BBQ event.
There was a gelato truck...good news is I don't think anyone fell for that trap.

Local BBQ favorites "Squeal" and "The Joint" were there. I chose not to speak to "The Joint" because apparently after giving them an application, I'm too overqualified to work there. God forbid that their BBQ should kick ass one day.

I didn't stick around to see who won, so we'll just assume "Praise The Lard" won.