Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Smoke House (San Antonio, Tx)

Wait wait! Don't worry! It's not the same Smoke House from Greenville, Al. That place was God Awful and would never last a day in San Antonio. It might last a few weeks in Houston or a few months in Dallas though. That Pitmaster should have been shot.

This particular blog entry is one of the rare blogging occasions where I actually have pictures from my outing.

This is me and Kathleen at The Smoke House.

This is me waiting in line. Lets keep the lusting to a minimum.

This is me coming back with the food.

This is me eating a rib with Kathleen.

When I do these "BBQ outings." I always order a few slices of brisket, a rib or two, and a sausage link. I will only get sides if they come with it. Sides are for the girls, the meat is for the men.
Brisket = no smoke ring? I know they smoke it, I watched them pull it out of the brick smoker! It was very "bla"...but not bad.

Ribs = Muy Bueno!

Sausage = Also, muy bueno! It had that snap/pop when you bite down breaking the casing.

All in all I would never go back. It's not because it was bad. The reason I would never go back is because there are too many better places to get BBQ. For instance I'd rather make it better in my backyard.

The Smokehouse will be receiving a  3.5 out of 5 stars.

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