Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boo Koo BBQ (New Orleans, La)

Since the "Carpet Bagger" movement in post Katrina New Orleans there have been both negetive and positive changes to the city. The negetive is the obvious "baggage" that hipster gentrafication brings to any neighborhood. I'm not going to rant about that because I think there is enough pissing and moaning on the subject from other people. However, there is positive to such gentrification such as the growth and entrpenuership in the restaurant industry. In the last year there have been at least 3 new BBQ joints that have opened in the New Orleans area that I have been eager to try. A few nights ago I was accompanied by a few friends to Boo Koo BBQ to indulge this eagerness.

Side Note:
BBQ, for the most part, stays stylistically authentic to their respective regions (Texas, KC, Carolinas, Memphis, etc...). I believe as an art, BBQ can and should continue to grow and have each culinary style/regional influence in its progression. For Example, the southwest and west coast continues to cultivate their style of BBQ specializing in tri-tip and chile infused sauces. Hopefully one day New Orleans will have their own style of BBQ. Their culinary history is too rich to not have one.

BKBBQ isn't your traditional joint. BKBBQ is basically the kitchen of a quaint neighborhood bar (Finn McCools) in MidCity. After I reached the couter to place an order, I had the akward experience where the cashier does everything possible to not look at you in the eye because telling the customer that they will be with you in a few minutes takes SOOOOO much effort. I am glad to see that new restaurants continue adopt the New Orleans customer service stylings because we definitly need more bad service in this city. 

Of course I want to sample the goods so I ordered the "3 meat platter"...

Cashier: We are out of pulled pork
James: Ok, that's fine, can you just throw a few extra ribs on it the plate.
Cashier: No, I can't do that
James: Can you double up on the brisket...
Cashier: *Akward moment of silence*
James: Well, what can you do?
Cashier: I tell you what, I'll knock 2$ off your 16$ platter.
James: ok
Cashier: It will be 45mins to an hour.

One hour later the food came out:
Macaroni and Cheese - needed flavor
Blue Cheese Cole Slaw - needed blue cheese
Ribs - nice rub, overcooked for my tastes (a lot of bark), and it was drowning in a pool of sauce.
Brisket - No Brisket!!!
3rd meat - I think it was sliced pork loin...I couldn't tell because it was swimming in sauce so it could have been sliced chicken breast?
Service - No smile

Later, Rex ordered some Boudin Eggrolls that came with a roumalade sauce that were pretty amazing followed by deep fried Macaroni and Cheese Fried Balls that were lacking flavor. An hour later, Ryan came in with some BBQ nachos...Nachos with pork, jalepenos, sour creme, cheese, and BBQ sauce.
After 4 beers anything taste good right?

I know this photo is awful!
Overall, for a kitchen at a late night bar it was great. As a BBQ joint to stand siree Bob. If I'm going to wait an hour I'd rather stand in line at Franklin BBQ. 

If I go back to that bar for a drink on a empty stomach, I'd just get a bunch of apetizers or try a burger before I'd get the BBQ again.

The place was so dark that pictures wouldn't have done this blog any justice. So excuse the awful pic...


I did stop by there for lunch a few days later to give them a second chance and I met the owners who were super cool people. I think the guy who worked that particular night shift was some jackass who had no investment in the place. Despite the friendliness of the owners, the BBQ was still not up to par. I actually got to try the pulled pork and brisket and both lacked much needed flavor and were dry (I got the sauce on the side this time). I didn't see or smell a smoker so I imagine they smoke the food off site.

I hate giving nice people bad scores...

Boo Koo BBQ will be receiving a generous score 2 out of 5 stars.
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