Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Second Ammendment

"Now, I'm not a gun-totin fool, but I get so pissed off when I hear them say, well, we're not going to take away your ability to hunt. When our forefathers wrote the Constitution with the right to bear arms, it was not about hunting and fishing. Because back then, if you didn't hunt and fish, you didn't eat. The second amendment, the right to bear arms is there so that we the public, if our government gets out of control, we have the ability to rise up and change it. Just because we believe in that amendment does not make us fools, it does not make us gun crazy people. There's a reason they put that in there and as I said the reason is so we have the ability, now many people have said to me well wait a minute. how could we the citizens ever stand up to the US government and their entire military might? I got the answer. We threw everything we had at Vietnam, and they were nothin but a bunch of farmers with a few AK-47s. and they withstood it all. So ladies and gentlemen, don't ever let them take our rights, the hell with this Patriot Act. If you want to be patriotic, then stand up for the Bill of Rights. Because once they strip the rights from you, you will pay hell to get them back. You will, and we're in the process of it right now." - Jesse Ventura