Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dickey's (Hattiesburg, Ms)

In the James Westfall BBQ Bible: Article 39 Section 103 clearly states

"...and all men shall relinquish such BBQ whose correlations are those tied to and not unlinked to the affiliation of such heresy of that which is defined as/of a franchise".

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have given myself such a pass to this rule in the name of exposing all BBQ (good, bad, and mediocre). While not all of us have the time and privilege to eat BBQ that is both bad or mediocre, I have been chosen to take on such a challenge as a martyr for all those that seek out good BBQ. To quote the words on the NOPD Cars, I am here "to protect and serve".

In fear of quoting myself too many times; "I'm going to go out on a limb and say that" Dicky's BBQ is the best franchise BBQ that I have ever had. Let's not twist my words around. I didn't say it was good. The ribs were surprisingly tasty and the brisket was tender and somewhat moist. The only thing they needed was to add more wood (smoke) to their food and they wouldn't have a somewhat ok - halfway decent establishment...besides the fact that the sides were horrible.

Again...not a very smoky flavor. I didn't catch much of a smoke ring in their meat. The Smoke Ring is one way of measuring how well your meat has been smoked. If you see the border of your meat being followed with a pink ring. Pink = Good. So next time you are off eating bad BBQ first check the meat and see if there is a smoke ring. This is a good visual indicator to tell if you are eating oven baked BBQ or not.

Click here for my full blog post on The Smoke Ring.

Is it a coincidence that Dicky's is the best franchise BBQ because their from Texas (Dallas area)? Answer: No. I am a bit surprised that a Texas BBQ joint prides itself on Hickory Wood instead of Post Oak. I assume Hickory is the cheapest wood you can get but THE best Texas BBQ Joints use Post Oak Wood. Why not learn from the masters?

Impressed that they smoke their BBQ, being from Texas, and serve brisket in pork country...

Dicky's BBQ will be receiving a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(If you stay away from the sides, you will agree with me)

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