Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hillbilly BBQ (Kenner, La)

I am fully aware that I have been doing this BBQ Blog for six months now and have not yet rated the "infamous" Hillbilly BBQ in Kenner, La. Part of my strategy with this blog is to save the best places for last. On this trip to Hillbilly BBQ, I was accompanied by three New Orleans citizens that are in great civil standing. Some people believe that I run around New Orleans just to get off blogging negatively about BBQ Joints just because they aren't in Texas. Answer: False. I truly believe that there is great BBQ somewhere in Louisiana and I intend to find it. I decided to bring alibis with me on this review and give you their two cents.

Scott Myers
Fairfax, VA

"Pretty decent ambiance, mostly friendly staff. Good sides, good boudin, underwhelming pulled pork and brisket. Not bad, just not good."

Tarik Hassan
Jacksonville, FL

Simple but comfortable exterior and interior. The food like the building is nothing special. The staff is friendly and the portions are large.

Alex Peña
Slidell, LA

"Ehhhh...." This sums up all emotions surrounding my experience here. Not too bad, but not too good....kind of like sex with a dead fish, a larger one at that. Its still there, so its still somewhat good. But it won't knock your socks off, and you have to do the work to appreciate it. Friendly people, though.

James Westfall
Musician/BBQ Entrepreneur
Houston, Tx

Brisket dried out within five minutes. Pulled Pork had no flavor. Ribs were par. Sides were great! This seems to be a pattern in the BBQ New Orleans World - "Great sides...boring meat." The people were sweet, as was their tea. Not to quote my review on Southside BBQ in Elgin, Tx, but it was very blah.

I will conclude the Hillbilly BBQ review with Alex Pena's final assessment.

Pulled Pork - 2.5, tasted the smoke, but no seasoning
Brisket - 2.5, weak smoke ring, and dried out too fast
Alligator Sausage - 4, mmmmmmmm
Boudin - 5, no questions asked.
Baked Beans - 1, glorified canned baked beans, saw the woman unloading wholesale size Bush's baked beans into a pot. They did take the time to put some smoked meat, so maybe the 1 is too harsh.
Corn Salad - 1, also not very good. Would rather have a warm Corn Maques Choux

Hillbilly BBQ will be recieving a 3 out of 5 stars.

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