Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 2010 BBQ Recap

The end of a year is a time where awards and nominations are made for award ceremonies. If there is any ONE thing this world needs, it's another award showcase. BBQ is a culinary delicacy. BBQ is an art. Having said all that, nothing is more American than making art a competition. So let the games begin...

2010 Best Brisket:
Louie Mueller's BBQ (Taylor, Tx)

2010 Best Sausage:
City Market BBQ (Luling, Tx)

2010 Best Ribs:
City Market BBQ (Luling, Tx)

2010 Best New Orleans BBQ:
Squeal BBQ (New Orleans, La)

2010 Worst New Orleans BBQ:
Voodoo BBQ (New Orleans, La)

2010 Worst BBQ Ever:
Stricks BBQ (Hattiesburg, MS)

Let us take a minute and reminisce what we have seen on this blog in 2010.

The most important event was our Texas BBQ Tour. This trip proved that Texas has the best BBQ hands-down. We've also learned that there are some Texans that make ignorant judgments on restaurants based on the restaurant's hype and not the taste of the BBQ itself (aka Kreuz Market). We found out which BBQ joints shamefully oven bake their BBQ (aka Voodoo BBQ, Bywater Restaurant & BBQ), which franchise BBQ joints are half-way decent (Dickey's), and which BBQ joints almost had it but never quite made it (Hillbilly).

What's in store for 2011?

We will be covering the rest of New Orleans' BBQ joints like Walkers, The Joint, The Rib Shack, and Whole Hog. We'll also be doing some vloging (video blog), interviews, and more tips of the trade (Smoke Ring, Grilling vs. BBQ).

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The Beer Buddha said...

Great blog! I agree there is no great BBQ in New Orleans. The guys at Squeal do the best job in my opinion. The Joint is ok. Look forward to seeing your review.


The Beer Buddha