Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stricks BBQ (Hattiesburg, Ms)

The worst BBQ I've ever put into my mouth.
Everything was awful...just awful. Imagine the smell of a dirty diaper mixed with vapor fumes, Gutter Punk B.O., and Walmart on a Saturday. Now imagine that smell in your mouth and you have Strick's BBQ.

Due to the fact that I crawled out of that place alive, Strick's BBQ will be receiving a 0 out of 5 stars. Strick's should be happy that my 5 star scale doesn't go into the negative numbers. They should also be happy that I'm not making a citizens arrest for attempted murder.

0 out 5 Stars.

This has to be a excerpt from their webpage...

The Pitmaster

Before Strick's can serve you delicious St. Louis Style Ribs, delightful smoked Ham, Turkey, and Brisket, they have to be conditioned by Edward.

Edward Extine is our pit master. He has been preparing pork ribs, chicken, and many other meats, loading and firing the pits, and removing it for over thirty years now.

This is an art. Knowing when to load the pit at just the right time to have it ready to serve is a trade that is learned over a long career.

You won't find Edwards' name next to any of the other pit masters in the states competing for ribbons and bragging rights. What you will find is thousands of satisfied customers that return to Strick's for their world famous, slow cooked, hickory smoked bar-b-q.

Strick's BBQ will be receiving a 0 out of 5 stars.

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Anonymous said...

I gotta different outlook for sure this bbq at stricks is absolutely amazing them being in buisness for 30+ years should say something. I think that guy must have been a little confused and couldn't afford great food and tried to skim by eatin the trash from their dumpsters. Sounds like that guy had his panties too tight on that outing

Nicole said...

IDK, I have to agree. We've eaten there like 3 times and it was absolutely horrible. I don't even know why we went back THREE won't happen again. I think it's their BBQ sauce that makes it so nasty...either way, it was crap.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that Mrs. Westfall has got to be the most ruddest blogger ever. Stricks is absolutely amazing. I have no idea what he ate, and what was wrong because he did not specify. Being a Hattiesburg citizen all of my life, Stricks has outdone themselves throughout their 30+ years. Westfall should be ashamed of himself for degrading such an excellent restaurant. He must not be from the true south.

Anonymous said...

I would like yo beg the differ. Whoever this person is must be dillusional. Stricks is one of the best bbq joints around. Being that awful as he descibes,wouldn't have kept them in business for no 30 years. My suggestion...try it again.

Anonymous said...

What sort of inane "review" yammers on with zero details about what they allegedly ate. Worthless waste of time reading this drivel.

me said...

Stick's bar-b-que is amazing especially the GUMBO!! SORRY YOU MISSED OUT!!!