Saturday, September 10, 2011

RUB BBQ (New York, NY)

I know what you're saying "Why the hell would you eat BBQ in NY?" I asked my self that same question. While I was waiting for my food at RUB BBQ, I thought I was committing THE cardinal sin...Eating BBQ in NY. Everything about the place was typical NY fashion. No State flags, no arouma of hickory wood, and no southern style cokes like Big Red, RC Cola, etc... That's fine...I guess...not really...but whatever.

As I look at their menu I found a "FAQ" printed on the back: It was a little BBQ 101 education moment for New Yorkers. It was casually hilarious...

Why is my food pink?

Why isn't my food hot?

Why don't you make more if you see you're running out?

How come ______ is sold out?

Ok ok, that was cute and all. It's a way to help all the Woody Allens that might rome in there who might be scared to eat any BBQ that wasn't cooked on a gas grill.

On another note, I can't get a good idea of who is running the show and manning the Pit. Their website says that Rub BBQ was started by a guy named Andrew Fischel who is an ex student of Chef Paul Kirk (award winning Pitmaster) and now partner. Check it out I'll pull a quote from their website:

The original RUB BBQ opened in New York in 2005 by Andrew Fischel, an ex-student and now partner of Executive Chef Paul Kirk.

I don't understand, partners in RUB, or do they mean "rubbing" partners?

Anyway, after their long-winded bio of Chef Paul Kirk, it then reads "Pitmaster - Scott Smith". So now I'm all kinds of confused. Who the hell is Scott Smith and what do these other 2 guys have to do with anything?

All that being said, whomever was working in the back mildly knew a thing or two.

Of coarse they ran out of Brisket when I arrived so I was forced to settle for the Ribs...which were more than half-way decent. How bout' that? I'm amazed that I've eaten better BBQ prepared by a bunch Yankees in NY than I have had prepared for me by New Orleanians.

While I would never go back, I also wouldn't turn my nose in disgust next time I walked by the joint. I'd probably say..."Look, how cute. BBQ in NY that's super average". I would also never go back there because there are a few new places in New York that came highly Hill Country...already sounds good!

RUB BBQ will be receiving a 3 out of 5 stars.

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Anonymous said...

There are many BBQ places in NYC and some outstanding ones with State Flags inside like The Cardinal. Don't rub your nose to NYC BBQ.