Friday, July 8, 2011

The Smokehouse (Greenville, Al)

There are a lot of illiterate people that enjoy BBQ. There are also a lot of literate people that just don't like to read. There are a lot of grown ass men that would prefer to read a picture book. This blog post is for everyone.

"Hi, I'm James"

This is where I ate one day.

This is me excited before I tried the BBQ.

This is my reaction after I saw the waitress take a plate of BBQ out of the microwave.

Look at the "Beautiful Southern Decor."

"Ribs" - does that look good to you?
(answer = no)

My overall impression...

I paid $18 for 1 meat and 2 sides.

I will be giving this "establishment" a generous score of 0 out of 5 stars.

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sophmom said...

The bar-b-q chicken sandwich is amazing. I stop when driving between NOLA & ATL. Gas. Pee. Sandwich to go. All in one place. Beats the hell out of Micky D's.

sophmom said...

Oh, and they'll make a fresh pot of coffee for me. It's not great coffee, but it gets me down the road. It's a way above average road stop spot.