Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ms. Hyster's Barbecue (New Orleans, La)

Conveniently located on Claiborne next to the Freeway in Central City (New Orleans), Ms. Hysters Barbecue will be receiving a 1.5 out of five stars.

As I walked up to this establishment I was surprised that I didn't smell the Hickory smoke outside the building. I thought "Do they actually smoke their meat, or is this oven baked BBQ"? While there is a small tinge of hickory flavor in the food (keyword small), I'm pretty sure that this is oven baked BBQ. I was sad that they were out of Brisket, but was glad that they had beef ribs that were pretty lean (I hate fatty ribs). Their chicken was dry and their sausage tasted packaged.

I noticed that the Ribs were cooked with the membrane on. While I would have thought this was a negative attribute to bbq, I'm starting to sway my opinions about the the membrane on the back of ribs. The ribs were also not that meaty but as I said earlier they were lean. With the ribs and chicken being dry my wife and I used up all the sauce that was given to us.

They were missing a lot of sides so I had a plate of lima beans that were...ok. You can never have too much pork in your beans and unfortunately there was too little to no pork flavor (or any flavor) in the lima beans.

The Positive. I'm not a fan of sweet sauce, but their sauce was sweet enough and had the most smokey flavor than anything else they had. It wasn't so sweet to where I felt like I was eating candy. But sweet enough to go good with ribs. Their prices were cheap. They had sandwiches that were in the 3$ range. And the woman who ran the place was one of the sweetest old ladies I've met in New Orleans.

Ms. Hyster's Barbecue - 1.5 out of 5 stars.

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